Sunday, June 15, 2014


We've been on a few beautiful hikes in the Carrara area... I think I will just post a few photos this time because I'm pretty tired.

    The first hike we went on was to a Villa pretty far into the mountains. I think it took something like 6 or more hours to hike in and back out.

This is the Beginning of the second hike... Because of maximum lameness on my part I have forgotten the name of the place we hiked to but it was still beautiful without a fancy name anyways.

We hiked for a while through the beautiful mountains so it was to my surprise that we came to a cute little village.

We stopped at this little wine bar to take a wine break and taste a couple appetizers.  



 After wine and appetizers we walk through the village to a pizzaria...

 ...where of course we had more wine and more appetizers.

 After Mario's sculpture collapsed onto the table we called it a night. 

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