Friday, June 13, 2014

Introduzione Maria

And then there's that one friend like Maria who is piu bella (more beautiful) than every one around her. She is faster, smarter, and especially better at sculpting. If the normal Italian needs four hours of sleep in order to have full energy the next day (which seems to be true) then Maria only needs two hours and she will still have more energy than the typical Italian. This seriously happens like everyday! I will tell you the story... If you do not want to read the story now is the time you skip past it to look at photos :)

Once upon an Italian time in the early hours of the morning a young and beautiful princess awoke from her tiny bed and began carving on a piece of marble. She worked long and hard under the tuscan sun running back and forth till the work day was over. Before the dusk her masterpiece was complete and despite the long arduous day Maria was full of energy. With little forethought Maria began to run. She ran and ran for miles till she came to the sea. At the place where the sea rises and falls on the beach is where she stood just long enough to take her shoes off. Maria played splashing in the water till the sun was on the horizon and at that time she quickly threw her shoes on. So quickly in fact that she forgot to wipe the mud from her feet and she ran again the miles that led her home. Maria was not tired still... True Story.

 The End.       



                              A few of his sculptures


He freaking carved this without using reference material. 

    Where the Sea rises and falls

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