Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Italian Culture and The Food Table

There are a few things about Italy that I think I've heard before but I don't think I ever really grasped their truthfulness... Until now. I'm calling it the food table for simplification.

#1– The Food Table: I'm not sure if I'm seeing things correctly but I don't think Italians drink water... maybe ever. They for sure don't drink it with their meals. They do however drink wine. I mean they really drink wine with every meal... or grappa.

#2– The Food Table Again: Pretty much Italians only eat pasta or small bread cookies dipped in wine.

#3– After Food But Still at The Food Table: In America dessert is often served after a meal. This happens in Italy but not often, at least I've only seen it once or twice. In Italy coffee or espresso will be served, for sure, after every meal. I'm not so accustomed to this but I did try it and must admit it is superior in some ways. Like after lunch for example, when you just want to digest your food by taking a nap. At this moment going back to work can be quite daunting. Well, the Italian has figured out an effective solution for this moment. You will drink coffee. 


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